henning pertiet aka teitreph plays the buchla 200e synthesizer

the buchla 200e

my main instrument for synthesizer improvisation is the buchla 200e

In combination with - for example - the elektron octatrack I try to develop music from outerspace

the buchla 200e is a modular synth with endless possibilties. its not only a modular but also one of the two most famous synths in the world....

other synths

i also use eurorack synths, moogs and several other synths (mainly for studio purposes) but also live for organ plus synth

live sampling will be done with elektron octatrack and sometimes an ipad

the music

electronic music!

what is electronic music?

electronic music is 'new', is different. its NOT 'normal' music played on electronic instruments....

listen here:

the man

my main business was and is being a blues & boogie woogie pianist. besides this i play free improvised concerts - often on church (pipe) organ

for some years now i spend a lot of time with synths